What is BelPower

BelPower by Beltone West is an exclusive free battery program that offers prospective patients and members of the community in need with free hearing aid batteries. The program helps Beltone West foster relationships with the hearing impaired within our community and shows our passion for providing the best care in the industry and supporting the hearing impaired.

How it Works

To enroll in the program, simply come to a convenient Beltone West location to get started. We’ll provide a complimentary hearing screening and hearing aid clean and check. Then, when you fill out the BelPower sign up form you will receive your first supply of batteries. You will even get a complimentary Beltone battery caddy when you enroll. Beltone West provides 24 batteries at a time (3 packs of 8 cells) of the main sizes: 10, 312 and 13. For the average hearing aid user, this is about a three-month supply. Through the program, you will be eligible to receive a new supply of batteries every three months to be picked up in the office. If you should need to replenish your batteries more often, they are available for purchase.

Benefits of BelPower Batteries

The most common hearing aid batteries are called zinc-air batteries. Unlike common household batteries, zinc-air batteries are activated by the oxygen in the air. These batteries come with a sticker that must be removed from the back before they are inserted into the hearing aid. Once the tab is removed, tiny holes in the battery casing allow oxygen molecules to enter, activating the battery.

Most Beltone batteries can last about one week and should be stored at room temperature. Heat exposure can shorten the life of the hearing aid batteries, as well as a humid environment, such as a bathroom or refrigerator. Turning your hearing aids off when they aren’t in use can help extend the battery life.

All Beltone hearing aid batteries are produced mercury-free, ensuring the safety of the wearer with a performance that is just as optimal as batteries that contain mercury.  


For more information or to enroll in the BelPower program, contact Beltone West today!

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