Custom Hearing Protection

Custom hearing protection can help you preserve your hearing if you frequently spend time in environments or participating in activities that put you at risk for hearing loss. While ear muffs and earplugs are widely available from many retailers, these devices may not fit or work efficiently to provide you with the optimal hearing protection you need.

At Beltone West, we offer custom hearing protection services that allow you to work in comfort and perform leisure activities without sacrificing your hearing.

What Is Custom Hearing Protection?

Custom hearing protection involves custom-fitting hearing devices that prevent noise-induced hearing loss; Mowing the lawn, using power tools, and shooting firearms are some of the many activities that increase your risk for hearing loss. Custom hearing protection allows you to be fitted for hearing protection devices like earplugs and swim molds so you can perform your usual activities more comfortably and without damaging your hearing.

Why Is It Important?

Noise-induced hearing loss can occur gradually over time, such as after several years of working in construction or doing yard work. It can also occur suddenly after a one-time event like an explosion or loud concert.

Custom hearing protection allows you to preserve your hearing in the most effective, comfortable way possible. Licensed hearing specialists who offer custom hearing protection can talk to you in detail about your daily or leisure activities that involve loud noises, and discuss your options for devices that may work best at protecting your hearing. A licensed hearing specialist can also take the appropriate measurements to develop custom-fitting devices that offer the greatest comfort and high-level hearing protection.

Who Needs Hearing Protection?

Anyone who spends time in an environment that exposes them to excessively loud noises can benefit from hearing protection, whether it’s an everyday environment or a special one-time occasion.

People who can benefit from hearing protection include:

  • Musicians
  • Concert staff
  • Concertgoers
  • Hunters
  • Sports shooters
  • Construction workers
  • Operators of power tools
  • Lawn care workers
  • Motorcyclists
  • Airfield controllers
  • Hairstylists
  • Factory workers

Swimmers can also benefit from custom hearing protection in the form of swim molds, which reduce the risk of an infection known as swimmer’s ear. Some licensed hearing specialists also offer custom-fitting audio earpieces and sleep plugs for those who may need these devices for reasons related to work or sleep hygiene.

What Are the Benefits of Using Hearing Protection?

Custom hearing protection offers a wide range of benefits for those who want to avoid hearing loss.

First, they provide you with a highly individualized hearing experience based on your personal and professional needs. Second, they are custom-made just for you, which means they will fit properly and feel far more comfortable than most one-size-fits-all hearing protection devices available from commercial retailers.

In addition to preventing hearing loss, custom hearing protection devices can help you save money in the long run, as they are designed to last long-term and may even come with warranties in the event they become damaged or defective. Many of these devices are also made with durable, high-quality medical-grade materials that prevent bacterial growth associated with ear infections.

How Are Custom Ear Molds Used to Create a Perfect Fit?

Your ears are just as unique as your fingerprints, which is why a licensed hearing specialist will use custom earmolds when making your protective hearing device to achieve the most perfect fit possible.

Traditionally, custom earmolds were created using a medical-grade silicone to take an impression of your ear canal, similar to having impressions taken at a dentist. At Beltone West, we now make ear molds using a device called the Lantos 3D ear scanner. First, your hearing specialists will physically examine your ears to get a better idea of their size, shape, and contours. Then, they will scan the ear canal to create a digital image of the unique geometry of your ear.

After completing the scanning for each ear, your licensed hearing specialists will upload and send the 3d images to the manufacturer to create your custom hearing protection devices.

Beltone West provides custom hearing protection for those who need high-quality earplugs and other devices designed to prevent hearing loss. We pride ourselves on our ability to fit you with comfortable devices that can protect your hearing while enhancing your hearing experience during loud activities.

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