Beltone Hearing Aids

Hearing aids can be more than just a product.

They can enhance every part of your life, from your hearing health to your mental health. Our hearing care professionals at Beltone West will take the time to discuss the benefits of each type of hearing aid and will help you find the pair that is perfect for your individual needs.

What are Bluetooth hearing aids and how can they help you?

A hearing aid is an electronic device that is worn in or behind the ear to help amplify sound and help the wearer hear better in different environments. 

Hearing devices don’t just make sounds louder. They also fine tune sound by amplifying certain frequencies while reducing others. The primary goal of hearing aids is making speech more audible than background noise in dynamic social environments.

In recent years, hearing aid technology has come so far as to offer Bluetooth connectivity for your hearing aids. You will be able to receive phone calls through them, and even adjust the volume yourself when in different places. Your hearing care professionals will work with you on finding the right type of hearing aid for your particular hearing loss and lifestyle needs. There are many benefits associated with hearing aids, including:

  • Hearing more clearly
  • Hearing better in loud areas
  • Improving better speech understanding

A study by John Hopkins University showed that untreated mild hearing loss can double the risk of Dementia. Moderate loss tripled the risk. Severe hearing loss increased the risk by five times. Treating your hearing loss with hearing aids not only reduces the risk of Dementia but it will also improve your happiness and well-being as you re-engage with family, friends, music and so much more.  

Hearing aids are far more than just a fancy technology. They can help you reconnect with the world around you. 

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Benefits of Beltone Hearing Aids

At Beltone, we take your hearing health personally. We program your hearing devices to your specific needs and leverage the latest digital and wireless Bluetooth hearing aids, so you can fine-tune your smart hearing aids to learn your preferences in different environments.

When you choose Beltone West, we go farther than just providing state-of-the-art devices. You get a hearing health partner who will help maintain your hearing aids before, during and after your purchase so that they always function to their maximum potential.

Types of Hearing Aids

Beltone West offers seven different styles of hearing aids that fall into three main categories:

Imagine Hearing Aids

Receiver-in-Ear (RIE)

These devices are small and sit partly inside the outer portion of the ear and partly in the ear canal. RIE hearing devices work best for those with hearing loss ranging from mild to severe. RIE hearing aids are the most popular style of hearing devices. They are nearly invisible behind the ear and offer natural sound quality with small domes or molds that fit comfortably in the ear. RIE hearing aids are rechargeable in most cases.

Beltone Custom Hearing Aid

Custom hearing aids

These include some of the smallest styles available, such as Invisible-in-Canal, Completely-in-Canal, In-the-Canal, In-the-Ear and Mic-in-Helix. They are custom-made to fit your anatomy.  These types of hearing aids are the easiest to put in and take out of the ear. 

Beltone Behind The Ear Hearing Aid

Behind-the-Ear (BTE)

These hearing aids deliver sound through a thin plastic tube that runs behind the ear and into the ear canal. Some hearing aid wearers find BTE hearing aids to be more comfortable than in-the-ear hearing aids because these hearing instruments don’t fit directly in the ear canal. They also tend to be slightly larger, so they are easier to handle and adjust. BTE hearing aids provide more powerful options for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss.  In most cases, BTE hearing aids are rechargeable. 

Rechargeable Hearing Aids – Both the Receiver-in-Ear (RIE) and Behind-the-Ear hearing aids styles have rechargeable options, eliminating the need to change tiny hearing aid batteries on a weekly basis.  Simply charge your hearing aids at night for a full day of use the next morning. The rechargeable hearing aid case is portable and easy-to-use.  

Finding the perfect hearing aid is personal and relies on your preferences, your degree of hearing loss and your lifestyle and interests. At Beltone West, we are fully equipped to find the perfect option for your personal needs.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing aids work their best when they are adjusted and fitted properly. Our hearing aid fitting starts with an assessment of your individual needs and continues with follow-up visits after your devices have been customized to your specific programming. 

Your hearing care professional will start the hearing aid fitting by having an in-depth conversation with you to learn more about your lifestyle and your hearing needs. Along with the information from your hearing test, this will help them determine which hearing aid options will work best for you. 

After you have discussed which options will work best, your hearing care professional may let you try some out for a few hours, or if you have chosen a custom-fit style, they may take an impression of your ear canal to make sure your hearing aids fit you perfectly. Once the hearing aids arrive, your hearing care professionals will program them to your specific hearing needs making sure you are getting the most out of your devices. 

Ear Exam
Beltone Imagine Hearing Aid

Beltone Restore

All Make Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aids eventually need to be repaired, either from normal use, wear and tear or age. While replacing your hearing aids entirely is an option, it is usually better to seek a repair service. If you have tried other troubleshooting techniques on your hearing aids and are in need of professional repair, Beltone West offers repair services for all of our devices. Through the Beltone Restore program, an all-make repair service, we also offer repair services for any make or model of hearing aid, even if it’s not Beltone.

With so many different types and styles of hearing aids available, finding the perfect solution for you has never been easier. If you have been contemplating getting hearing aids, or are unhappy with the ones you currently have, schedule a hearing aid demo appointment to learn which type is right for you.